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Individual Growth






Down to earth





Every business claims to care about workplace culture and treating their employees and customers. X Bank lives it.


Goals of Video Series

  1. Recruit a big pool of high-quality job applicants for positions at every level of the company.

  2. Establish the importance of X’s culture to these potential applicants so they can either self select out or start to be really bought in.

  3. Build X’s brand.



Entry Level Video

This video targets entry level job applicants. It emphasizes what is typically most important to them: They will be able to do hands-on, meaningful work.

This video tells X’s story. He started as a part-time teller during college. His friend told him it was a great place to work and he took it because it matched up with his class schedule. Right away he was asked for his perspective on things like benefits, how to reach out to the community, etc. He liked it so much that he stayed and eventually became a branch manager. He has helped families buy land, grow businesses, etc. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, he worked day and night to cut through the red tape of PPP loans and get the money to his customers quickly. He saved jobs. X never thought that being a part-time bank teller would lead to all this, but that just speaks to how much X invests in its workers, even the ones in entry level positions.

Length: 2 minutes.

Script Outline

X VO: I started as a part-time teller at Sandy Springs Bank in college. My friend was like “hey this is a great place to work,” and it fit in my class schedule.

X VO: From the very beginning, I felt valued. More senior people would approach us younger folks to run ideas by us and ask our opinions on stuff. You hear a lot about diversity, but these people lived it. They wanted to hear everyone’s ideas.

X: After I graduated, I decided to stay on. I’m proud to say that for 10 years now, I have helped people grow their businesses, buy land- all kinds of incredible things.

X: When COVID-19 hit, I was on the frontlines. We were working day and night to be one of the first banks to get PPP loans out to our clients. We knew people’s jobs-- their lives --depended on that money. 

X: To know that your job matters, that your opinion matters-- and that yeah you have to work hard, but that it is worth it. That is priceless. 

X: I would just say for folks looking at an entry level position with us: Hey, if you are ready to get to work, join us. We’ve got plenty for you to do!

Possible Visuals

[Photo(s) of X in college]

[Photo(s) of X during his younger years at work/outside of work that shows who he really is]

[X to interviewer right off camera]

[X at ‘mission control’ (messy desk, coffee cups, etc.)]

[X to interviewer right off camera]

[X to interviewer right off camera]

Mid Level Video

This video targets mid-level job applicants. It emphasizes what is typically most important to them: They will be treated well, supported as professionals and as human beings.

This video tells X’s story. X moved her family across the state for her X job, like many potential applicants may have to do. She didn’t only have to consider her career, but her childrens’ happiness as well. X was great from the beginning. X did not rush her move. They had a really good onboarding process. She is still shocked about how much they focus on if she is enjoying her job. Many of her co-workers have either worked at the company for years, or recently joined due to  a referral from someone who worked at the company for years. To her, that speaks volumes. X and her kids love the area-- they are close to conveniences, but far enough out to enjoy nature (especially X). X has continued to be great during COVID-19. They treat their in-office workers well, making sure to keep them safe and offer them bonuses. For the folks who work from home, everyone is very understanding that kids are going to school remotely and that home life can be hectic. It sounds cheesy, but the company sent out postcards of X with a note saying “we’ll get across this thing together.” And X says that is exactly what they are doing.


Length: 2 minutes

Script Outline

X voiceover: Once you hit a certain point in your career, you really figure out what makes a good employer and a good job. You start being able to read through what a company says versus how they will really treat you.

X VO: To take the X job, I had to move my family across the state. I couldn’t just think about myself, I had to worry about if my kids would like it and thrive there.

X VO: From the very beginning, X was my partner in the move. They didn’t rush me. When I got there, their onboarding process was smooth and well-paced. Even up to today, my supervisors still ask me if I am enjoying my job and if there is anything they can do to make it more enjoyable.

X VO: My kids love the area. We go hiking at X. We go into X. 

X VO: Of course they have to stay home now because of COVID-19, but even that has been easier because of X. The workplace culture was already accommodating, so when everyone had to start working from home, there was already grace and understanding built into the culture.

X VO: Most people who work at X have been working here a long time. Treating people well is not a shiny new thing for this company. It is how X is built. When the pandemic began, it sounds cheesy, but they sent out these postcards with a picture of the X and said “we’ll cross this together.” I have that up on my fridge because, honestly, it’s true.

Possible Visuals

[X working hard]

[X with kids]

[X with kids]

[Past photos of X and kids at these locations, if possible]

[X helping kids on computer]

[Shot of  postcard on her fridge, with kids in background]

Executive Video

This video acts as both a recruitment video and a branding video. It builds on the “Real” branding and offers testimony of current employees.


The beginning of the video leads you to believe that X is a disgruntled ‘average Joe,’ sick of the hypocrisy of banks, ready to take things into his own hands. When he enters the bank, we don’t know what he plans to do, but when we cut to him putting his tie on in the office, we start to realize he works there. He is a normal guy who is working hard to make his little corner of the world a decent place. This is echoed by a diverse set of his employees, as they speak with a sense of ownership and pride about what X’s culture is. We end with X back in his non-office clothes somewhere in the community where he reminds us that he is part of the community so you can trust him, or you can ask the community and they’ll verify. The video gives a sense of hope that we can create the change we want to see in the world by being committed to the age-old virtue of treating people right.




Length: 2 minutes

Script Outline

X VO: I am tired of corporations being hypocrites. Executives will preach leadership and culture… even diversity. But so many times they don’t follow through.

X VO: I can either complain about it or do something about it.

X talking as he puts on his tie: I’m the CEO of X. With every I’ve got, I’m going to make sure we live up to our values as we grow.

Employee 1: I have worked here for X years and I have to say it is truly a great place to work

Employee 2: Even if you are just starting, they value your input.

Employee 3: We help people. We honestly help people. How many banks can say that?

X VO: Ask about us in the community. That’s how you’ll know. We mean what we say.

Possible Visuals

[Shots of X with family, chickens, and buying a Rockstar at a gas station counter. Wearing truly “stay at home” clothes (worn out jeans, tennis shoes, t shirt)]

[X walks into bank with ‘stay at home’ clothes]

[X putting on tie and jacket in his office, with his hair combed and suit pants on. Looking at camera via mirror so he is both speaking to himself and the audience.]

[Employee 1 at work desk, looking at interviewer slightly off camera]

[Employee 2 at work desk, looking at interviewer slightly off camera]

[Employee 3 outside bank]

[Back to scene of X in “home” clothes talking to cashier at gas station, possibly shaking hands]

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