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TV Ad Script

Mandela Barnes ran for Lieutenant Governor for the state of Wisconsin. He won the statewide race in November of 2018. Katie wrote the script for his campaign’s 30 second TV ad (she also helped produce and film the ad).

Supporter 1: Honestly, Mandela gives me hope for Wisconsin. 

Supporter 2: As a kid, he lived in a tough neighborhood— 

Supporter 3: the most incarcerated zip code in the entire country. 

Supporter 4: And yet there he was, elected to the State Assembly at the age of 25. 

Supporter 5: Wisconsinites see the best parts of themselves in Mandela. 

Supporter 6: They see their struggles— but they also see their determination. 

Mandela: I grew up hearing about the greatness of Wisconsin, but also how it can break your heart. I was raised to never take my eyes off the goal. I know we can make Wisconsin the place we all want it to be.

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