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Press Release

For Immediate Release-- September 13, 2017 Contacts: Robert Kraig (414) 322-5324 Kevin Kane (414) 550 8280 

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals praise senator’s leadership in working toward universal healthcare. 

Statewide: Healthcare providers across Wisconsin are praising US Senator Tammy Baldwin for co-sponsoring the recently unveiled “Medicare for All” legislation authored by Senator Bernie Sanders. 


The “Medicare for All” bill builds on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). “The ACA was a good first step, but there is more that needs to be done to move our healthcare system forward,” said Dr. Kevin Fullin, a cardiologist in Kenosha. “In a time when Paul Ryan is proposing cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, I am proud of Sen. Baldwin for advocating for universal coverage.” 


“As a nurse of 43 years, I saw firsthand the complete lack of transparency in drug prices, hospital bills, and basically every area of healthcare. Having a “Medicare for All” system will bring some accountability to the system,” said Lynn Carey of Germantown. “I’m sure Tammy will get attacked by big-money interests for her stand-- that makes her a great Senator in my book.” 

Psychotherapist Lucia Micheli discussed how this bill would help her small business in West Allis, and the wider community, “I’m a mental health therapist and run a small practice. We see how lack of coverage stops people from getting the mental help they desperately need. By co-sponsoring ‘Medicare for All,’ Tammy is making mental health services much more accessible.” 


These three medical professionals, along with almost 300 other healthcare professionals and patients, are members of the Healthcare for All organizing co-op, a joint effort by Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health. The co-op’s primary goal is to achieve universal health care. 

As an organizer on healthcare issues in Wisconsin, part of Katie's job was to inject voices of allied healthcare providers into current political debates. She used press releases as part of her communications strategy. Below is a typical press release where Katie helped experts develop quotes and latch onto a moving story.

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