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Press Release

Ausha, a French podcast hosting and marketing platform, hired Katie as an English language writer as it entered the American market. She crafted a press release to introduce the company to US press outlets specializing in tech, VC investments, and podcast media.

French podcast startup Ausha launches in the US

After four years of success in France, Ausha is now offering its podcast platform services in America.


Ausha (pronounced "osha") took off in 2018, becoming THE dominant podcast hosting and marketing platform in France. Its client list of over 7,000 podcasts boasts of the country's most successful independent podcasters (2HDP, Laury Thilleman), major media outlets (Le Figaro, Libération, L'Équipe, AFP) and top companies (LVMH, OVH, Décathlon, BNP Paribas).


The leader in podcast marketing in France is finally offering its innovative technology to US podcasters.


"We've been successful because we listened to podcasters themselves," says CEO Maxime Piquette. "Podcasters want to spend more time on the content of their podcast, and less time trying to use six or seven different marketing tools to make sure it gets heard. On average, Ausha replaces 5 tools that podcasters would otherwise have to navigate. That's giving people their time back, and for some, that is also giving them the joy of podcasting back."

The powerful, all-in-one marketing platform combines unlimited hosting, one-click publication to YouTube, easy distribution to 22 major podcast directories, a first-of-its-kind Social media manager, Smartplayer, newsletter, and website integration, advanced audience analytics, and monetization options. An already existing podcast can be switched over to the Ausha platform in just two quick steps.

On this special launch occasion, the company is offering 50% off annual plans to its first 100 US customers. Ausha plans to provide hands-on help to anyone who needs it, whether they are transferring their show from another platform or launching a podcast for the first time.

Odile Beniflah, US tech entrepreneur who formerly led growth strategies with Duolingo and Meetup, has been tapped to lead the US effort. "We are going to grow the right way: organically and with a healthy foundation," she emphasizes. "This is only the beginning of a very long relationship we plan to have with the American podcast community. There is so much we can learn from each other."

About Ausha

Ausha is a powerful, all-in-one podcast marketing platform that combines all the tools a podcaster needs to launch and grow their show: hosting and distributing, promoting and monetizing. Ausha was launched in France in 2018 and is home to over 7,000 podcasts around the world. Learn more at

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