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Low Budgets + Social Distancing: How to Do Video Marketing Right Now

Shared experience is a critical element to video marketing, but only if it is combined with storytelling and great visuals. Right now folks are having a historical shared experience-- across the globe, people are stuck in their homes, worried about health and finances, and finding creative ways to cope. On the flip side, traditional ways of capturing stories and great visuals seem impossible with the stay-at-home orders and CDC recommendations. The typical film crew set up just isn’t possible. Plus, marketing budgets aren’t exactly growing.

But this doesn’t mean your video marketing needs to suffer. In fact, it can really blossom and grab the hearts of folks who are spending their days looking at their screens for hope and meaning. Here are two ways that we have been helping clients overcome logistical hurdles and produce high-quality video content.

User Generated Content

We have been working with an international food company to create a short series based on User Generated Content (UGC). User Generated Content is exactly what it sounds like: asking users, aka nonprofessionals, to create visual content for you. You can use their content as is, or compile those assets to create your own video.

We had a couple customers film themselves using the service that the company provided. They both talked straight to their phone’s camera (A-ROLL) and got lots of descriptive footage of themselves using the service (B-ROLL). We worked with the company and the customers to develop strong narratives, making sure the customers had incisive questions to respond to. When they were finished, they sent us the footage and we are now in the process of making editing magic-- polishing up the visual and audio quality, making cool cuts and transitions to maximize the story value, and setting the videos to awesome, licensed music.

Not only does this content feel more genuine right now, but it is also cheaper. You don’t have to pay for the filming part!

Repurposing Footage

We have also been working with a candidate running for office here in Colorado who needed to repurpose footage she already had. She sent us footage of her speaking to camera, and we were able to combine it with the footage we had already captured months ago at a separate event. If you think you don’t have footage to repurpose, think again. You may have footage from another shoot or previous video you made. If you ask your employees, clients, and friends or family, you will be surprised to find how much video they happen to have of you and your organization (Ask them to check their phones! Better yet-- check their social media for yourselves). Photos work too! It can even be footage or photos from an old family event that you never imagined using for anything else besides having the grandkids watch one day. We also own a lot of footage that we can use for your video, and we have access to stock footage if absolutely needed.

Again, this is cheaper than usual because you don’t have to pay for the filming! We can help you craft a powerful message, and through our editing process, we will weave the footage together for an authentic, on-brand, professional video.

Let us know if you want to talk through video marketing ideas during this stressful time. At Cape Creative, we firmly believe that we’re all in this together.

ABOUT US: Cape Creative is a smart, creative video production company. We are empaths who dig into your story and then turn it into a powerful, visual connection with viewers. Businesses, causes, and candidates turn to us for dynamic content. We are a women-owned and LGBTQ-owned company based in Colorado


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