• Molly Dunn

High School Debate for PBS

In August, we were hired by our local PBS station to produce their annual high school debate tournament, including creating one-minute video profiles on the debaters. We love working with PBS and this was a perfect fit: We are nerds and we are competitive so we thought we would kind of get a kick out of it. We had no idea how much it would touch us.

Over the span of about a month, we traveled all over Colorado-- Denver, Aurora, Manitou Springs, Lakewood, and Colorado Springs to film the profiles at 7 different high schools. Each story was beautiful. Some of the debaters were immigrants who were finding their voice in a country hostile to them. Many were young women who said that debate helped them gain the confidence to speak up. They mentioned that it was cool to see us as two women running our own video production business. One young man managed to balance being on the debate team, helping out at home with his younger siblings, and being a line cook at a North Pole themed restaurant. Every single one of them talked about their love of learning, both in gaining knowledge and in gaining insight into opinions that aren’t necessarily their own.

Below is one example of a profile we made. Go to our Vimeo to see the others. Go ahead, have your faith in humanity restored. Don’t give up on teenagers. And hug a debate teacher when you see one.


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