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As the interim Director of Communications for a youth-serving nonprofit in Washington, D.C., Katie tripled three of the metrics from past annual fundraising campaigns: volunteer recruitment, number of donors, and total amount raised. Most of this 2013 campaign was email-based. Here is an example of a fundraising email she ghost-wrote on behalf of a supporter, Chris Ballard, a senior writer at Sports Illustrated.

Hi ____, 


As a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, I've been able to cover everything from NBA stars to high school teams to playing pick-up basketball in prison. One thing is clear to me: The sports community needs SportsChallenge. SportsChallenge develops essential life skills in at-risk youth. 


That's why today I stand with Paola, Thad, Tatianna and the SportsChallenge staff to ask you to give low-income student-athletes a chance to develop leadership skills on and off the courts and fields. Its executive director, Jeremy Edwards, is someone I've known for twenty years and I can't speak highly enough of his own leadership skills, as well as his vision and dedication to helping young athletes through the power of sports. 


It's hard to imagine a better investment than training the next generation of change-agents. You not only will provide a kid with an extraordinary experience, but you also will empower a future community leader. 




Proud to support SportsChallenge, 


Chris Ballard

Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated

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